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What can we learn from Fiction?

Discussion in 'Books & Videos' started by South Nation Survival, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. South Nation Survival

    Jan 10, 2017
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    South Nation River, Canada
    Fiction books are definitely the more entertaining style of literature, but how educative are they to us?

    In the survival-fiction genre(a more recently coined term, not used before the turn of the century), we can enjoy a good plot, strong characters and the authors idea of a post-collapse world. While, if one is looking for it and the author is skilled, we can learn from it as well.

    Take the Hatchet series by Gary Paulsen. We learn that choke cherries are poisonous, planes have survival kits, etc. And of course the more in-depth reader can see the morale of the story, which can sometimes prove useful to enhancing our survival knowledge. (In the case of Hatchet we learn that even when you do everything right, things can still go wrong.

    Lets look at Jean Craighead George's My side of the Mountain series. The protagonist, Sam, at some point makes an entire suit of tanned deer hide.(We can't verify the effectiveness of Sam's methods, but that's beside the point). He then goes into the nearby town, where he is given weird looks because of his attire. If we were to hyperbolize this into a post-collapse scenario, a deer skin suit would likely render the "gray man concept" irrelevant in most settings.

    So, knowledge can be gained from Fiction books, if you look at it as a learning implement, and if you are willing to think about what you read.
    Let us know what you think in the comments, and tell us what you've learnt from any piece of literature and how it can help us in survival or post collapse scenarios.

    We'll see you in the field!
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  2. John vercher

    John vercher Active Member

    Dec 13, 2016
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    I for one love to read and I typically reach for fiction. I know that the author probably is not trying to give tips in tricks to survival but if someone has the right mindset and they pay attention they can at least pick up a few things from a fiction book were survival is necessary. I myself have read a lot of books that are actual survival technique books and they all have good information for survival skills. Fiction is not going too teach you step by step survival but I find that a lot of times I learn cool things that are real world that I may not have thought of. I usually have a "that's a good idea" or I at least think about if I was in that situation. I think it just comes down to how you think about it as you read but I think it would prove useful to pay attention to those little nuances because you never know it may save your life one day. Knowledge is our greatest ally.

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  3. Whirlibird

    Whirlibird Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2017
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    I have to say that there have been few fiction books that I have gleaned a lot of information from.
    Most are long on drama and short on anything useful.

    Most apocalyptic fiction (including Rawles) falls into this category. Ya I said it.

    However, a couple of Heinlein's best, a couple of Zane Grey's early works (Spirit of the Border & The Last Trail) and a Louis Lamour book (Last of the Breed) come to mind as positives.

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