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Live and learn...Shoot and learn: Hi-Point carbine update!

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Glockensig, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Glockensig

    Glockensig Well-Known Member

    Jan 24, 2016
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    My 995TS got its second cleaning at 1,250 rounds. I got it apart quicker this time even though I had to remove the light mount now as part of the process. It was pretty dirty. The first clean was at 600 rounds so I had 650 thru it this time before cleaning.
    Of course, as soon as I got it clean, I had to take it out again and run some rounds thru it. I only took magazines marked 2,3 & 4 (Redball magazines) as #1 had the most issues and numbers's 3 & 4 had been perfect. Ammo again was Northern Hills Precision - 124g - RN(RL)*.
    Wolfy was a goner for sure here:


    Well, I had a couple of failures to feed with magazine #2 but it was while I was resting the front of the gun on...not really a bench, but a shelf at the shooting line(pistol range). This got me thinking.... So I pulled out Mag #3 which and been totally reliable and attempted the same thing. I made sure the magazine was not being bumped or pressed up against anything while I rested the carbine. Like with the other magazine, I was not really anchoring the front of the gun at all...just resting it on gently on the shelf. Sure enough, I got a failure to feed..
    I think since this carbine is blowback operated, shooting it in this manner was akin to limp-wristing a pistol.... I could be wrong but... I had no more failures with any mag after I made sure I had a solid hold on the fore-end. Here are some gong shots at 25 yards:


    Here is the current totals on the magazine reliability:

    Magazine "1" -- 3 runs - - 4 failures to feed
    Magazine "2" -- 7 runs - -4 failures to feed
    Magazine "3" -- 8 runs - - 1 failures to feed
    Magazine "4" -- 8 runs - - 0 failures to feed

    I think after my recent "discovery", I may just say - "Everything is broken in now (carbine, mags) and I have a little more experience so I will wipe the chart clean and start over".
    It is amazing that, with any gun you own, the more you shoot it - and in more positions and situations...and with a variety of loads - the more you understand that particular firearm!

    Current totals for the HP carbine:

    1,400 rounds representing 8 different offerings. Shots at the "Big Silly" at 53 yards:

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  2. Whirlibird

    Whirlibird Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2017
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    Still not a firearm i would purchase when other options are available but I can appreciate its uses.

    I wonder what the factory mags would do in comparison.

    I'm afraid, the limp wrist theory won't stand. The firearm doesn't have the same torque issues that a handgun has, the physics are different.

    What kind of accuracy are you getting at this point?
    Having played with a customers .45 ACP 98 Mauser extensively, with a 24" match barrel, as well as several high end 9mm carbines, I am curious what quality barrel they are using for comparison.

    Part 2, I wonder what the results might be like with cleaning every 1-200 rounds.

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